IIM is a research model developed by two GT teachers.

IIM has two levels:
Basic and  Proficient/Group and Individual

7 Steps
1. develop topic – activate prior knowledge with concept maps, brainstorming what they know and don’t know, glossary charts/vocabulary
2. goal setting – creating good questions to be answered (student and teacher generated), how many resources to be used, question cubes
3. research – notetaking skills, using primary sources, interviewing, data collection, citation skills (ABCDEs of bibliography), Fact Fragment Frenzy from readthink.org
4. organization – choose categories for information, use color coding, students must be able to defend their choice of category for each note fact, pocket charts can also be used, sorting and organizing, choose between supplemental and essential information, makes it easy to see what information is missing
5. goal evaluation – students see whether or not they have answered all their questions
6. product – students like choice of product, students consider audience and choose appropriate product, teachers and students develop a rubric for the product
7. presentation – students present what they have learned to different audiences (other classes, parents, PTA, etc.)

grades should be taken along the way for each step

Handout is available here.

More information can be found at IIMresearch.com